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How Do I Book?

To book with us simply give us an email through our contact page (here) and provide as much detail about your day as possible. We'll be in touch to have a little consultation with you to make sure we are the perfect fit for each other and we get an idea of exactly what you are looking for. Then we will email you our booking form and deposit invoice. Once those are signed and paid you'll be officially booked in and your date exclusively reserved for you.

Do I Have To Pay All At Once?

For all our wedding packages, nope! To give you as much ease and flexibility as possible you can pay any remaining balance anytime up to a week before your booked date. Our payment method is as follows: 1. £200 booking deposit. 2. Remaining balance to be paid up-to a week before the wedding date. For our couple video and engagement video packages full payment is required at the time of booking.

How Intrusive Is Your Wedding Videography?

It is entirely up to you. During our consultation we will discuss our filming styles and decide the right level of involvement for us and the right style of video for you.

Do We Get To Meet Before The Day?

Before you book with us we will usually organise a consultation so we can tallk about your needs, depending on your location we can do this in person, over the phone or through a video call. If we can meet in person before the day we will try to make this happen. It's important to know you're trusting the right people with your video and we love to know you a bit better. Also as we offer our pre-wedding couple video you have an extra opportunity to meet us before the day and get to know how we work, get comfotable in front of the cameras and get to know us a bit more.

Will You Go To Our Venue/s Before The Wedding?

Depending on locations and our own schedule we can occasionally make a visit to your venue before your wedding day. But even if we can't rest assured we are no strangers to filming in new locations without previews, and we get the best footage we can wherever we are.

What Area's Do You Cover?

We are based between Hampshire and Surrey, but cover weddings across all of mainland UK and aboard. Travel fees occur for weddings located outside Hampshire and Surrey but we try to limit it as much as possible and all fees will be transparent and agreed before booking.

Do You Charge For Travel?

If your wedding is located outside Hampshire or Surrey there will likely be some travel costs to factor into your booking. This allows us to be closer to your wedding location and to ensure we can get home safely the next day. We always find the most affordable accomodation nearby, usually this falls between £100-£300 mark.

Can I Choose My Wedding Video Music?

Because of copyrighting laws we are unable to use any music of your choice without considerable licensing fees. Additionally you will not be able to share your video online without a copyright strike or the video being muted. We have a library of both royalty-free and licensed music we have purchased the rights to use in our videos. We invite you to suggest music styles and tracks and will never use any music in our videos we feel is unsuited to your video. We can, on occasion, use music of your choice for small portions of your video but you will not be able to put your video online in any form. This is subject to a wedding-by-wedding choice, given at our discretion.

Do You Provide Raw Footage?

We only supply whats included in our packages. We spend many hours and days in the edit suite perfectly cutting footage so that everything flows beautifully into something wonderful. We strongly believe seeing the uncut footage could ruin the magic of your wedding film.

Do I Need To Obtain Permission From My Venue To Have My Wedding Filmed?

We ask that you do check your venue allows videography, especially if a religious setting. While videography is becoming bigger, in some places it is still disallowed or has limits applied to it. If you're not sure what to ask put us in contact with your venue hosts and we can arrange the details.

What Is Your Style Of Videography?

We specialise in cinematic videography. This means capturing your day in glamourous smooth shots that capture the aesthetic's of your day in beautiful 4K. How we shoot and edit your video can be one of two primary ways: - The Cinematic Documentary Style - The Avant-Garde Cinematic Style Documentary style in a quick speech is capturing your day with beautifully smooth, cinematic shots in a video that chronologically follows your day. This style is perfect for couples who prefer a more natural style and don't want to spend hours in front of the camera. "Avant-Garde" style in a quick speech is more about utilising creative cinematography, and some beautiful couple and staged shots that result in bespoke, personal videos that focuses primarily on the two of you, while still including the best bits from your wedding day.

How Do You Work On The Day?

We're very friendly people and love to have a chat and make filming your wedding day as fun for you as possible. We're not there to be another stress on your day. Every wedding and every couples ideas and personalities are different. We won't demand your time for staged shots if you don't want to. We can float around in the background or we can be in the centre of the actions with yourselves and your guests. Occasionally depending on what we've agreed upon for your video there will be times we'll come to you for bits and bobs that need doing (eg. if you'd like your vows recording, we'll make a time for that on you day). But generally we won't need much from you on the day. Your wedding day is your day and we want you to make sure you have a beautiful video AND a beautiful day.

How Many Hours Do You Cover?

Every wedding is different so to make sure we're not messing you about with contracted hours, we'll film your whole day from start to when we leave for every single full wedding package we offer. We'll arrive during pre-ceremony prep and leave once we have enough footage in the evening. For our half-day packages, we cover the written times as on the packages page.

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we are fully insured and will happily provide details if needed on request.

What's The Quality Of Your Video's Like?

We come from a narrative filmmaking background and use industry-standard cinema camera's to film your wedding. All our videos are available in 4K.

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