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ABout us

We are Bright Production House, a creative videography company that loves to entertain, inform and enlighten through the power of video.

Camera Crew
A creative company led by creative minds.
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What we do.

It is our aim to provide creative services for many potential videography needs, catered for clients of any kind and size from small commercial establishments and side hustles to multi-million pound businesses and large non-profit organisations.

We do everything from start to finish including video planning, producing, filming, editing and colour-grading and delivering your final video in your optimised formats.

Our team is made up of highly trained and qualified professionals with unique experience in all areas of film and video production and post-production. Filmmaking is our passion and we love to share that passion in creative, visual ways with all our clients. 

how we do it.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients to devise truly bespoke videos so they get the video that not only looks great but one that truly works for them and achieves their goals. 

We are experienced professionals that understand the impact video can have and the in's and out's of visual representations (and how to get it right!)

Creativity and quality are our secret weapons. Every video we produce is the highest level of quality made with industry-standard equipment and a professional mindset.

All of this is done with clockwork timing and our creative flair.

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We make you stand out with video.

The Process

Every video project is unique, with different goals, requirements and workflows. This overview is a rough guide of the video-making process and what can be involve in your project.

1. Development

To start a project we'll meet with you either in-person of over the phone to discuss the project and if you'd like write up a proposal. We'll ask what you want to achieve with your video. What is it you want to communicate? Who is it targeted for?

We'll have conversations about creative content for the video, what format's you like and about your brand. 

Then we'll wrap everything into a nice brief and agreement for you with information such as deadline, timings and your budget to satisfy your goals with your video. 

What Can Be Involved:
  • Consultation to identify project's aims, end goals and target audience

  • Audit of any previous video work 

  • Budget development

  • Discussions based on video narrative, required workflow and content

  • Brief development

2. Pre-Production

Once we've confirmed your project and agreed on our collective approach we'll have another meeting or confer over email if preferred to start planning the filming days and final outcome of your video.


Between us we will script, visualise, plan any interview questions, copy and content and decide a narrative for your video. 

Then we will confirm and wait for those filming days to arrive!


What Can Be Involved:
  • Scripting

  • Moodboards

  • Storyboarding + Paper Edits

  • Sourcing video participants or casting talent

  • Production schedule

  • Permits, locations, securing resources

3. Production

We work as a minimum team of 2 videographers for each project. This ensures we capture absolutely everything required on the days filming and we're operating at a more time-efficient rate.


We travel light with our equipment using very portable kit so we don't have to turn your location into our personal studio every shoot. To our preference we use cinema cameras with a series of variable lenses. For camera movement we use our gimble's to ensure smooth hand-held shots, our Edlekrone kit and tripods for static interviews. Recording sound is never an issue with our collection of Rhode microphones. 

We'll schedule your filming day in Pre-Production so everyone is as ready for as us for the filming days. 


Behind the Scenes
What Can Be Involved:
  • Remote filming / location shoots

  • Studio shoot 

  • In-house shooting at your premises

  • Interview filming

  • Director of Photography

  • Multiple camera set-ups

  • Talent (i.e. performers, actors, presenters)

  • Equipment rentals

  • Hair and makeup 

  • On-set direction 

  • Call sheets

  • Sound recordist

  • Re-shoots

4. Post-Production
Video Editing

Post-production begins in our edit suite once we've finished filming for a project. Firstly we spend a day cataloguing footage then over the next days we make our first draft and send it to our client for feedback via email. We are happy to make two free revisions to our edit before we finalise the sequence and move onto sound design, colour-correction and grading.


We deliver your film in however many formats required - digital copies for websites delivered over online download or USB and specially formatted content for social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.


Once the project has been completed we'll send you our sign-off form along with our many thanks! 


What Can Be Involved:
  • Video editing

  • Colour correction and grading

  • Sound design

  • Motion graphics and visual effects

  • ADR and voice over recording

  • Footage offloading and managing

  • Footage re-formatting 

  • Video draft and remote feedback

  • Organise any re-shoots or additional filming 

  • Exporting formats and delivery






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