We're Bright Production House, a creative videography company that loves to entertain, inform and enlighten through the power of video.

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A creative company led by creative minds
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What we do

It is our aim to provide creative services for many potential videography needs, catered for clients of any kind and size - small commercial establishments, hobbyists, sole traders, large corporations, live events, non-profit organisations, engagements, elopements, personal and corporate events and parties, limited companies and schools.

We do everything from start to finish including video planning, producing, filming, editing and colour-grading, 

Our team is made up of highly trained and qualified professionals with unique experience in all areas of film and video production and post-production. Filmmaking is our passion and we love to share that passion in creative, visual ways with all our clients. 

how we do it

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients to devise truly bespoke videos so they get the video that truly works for them. 

We are experienced professionals that understand the impact video can have and the in's and out's of visual representations (and how to get it right!)

Creativity and quality are our secret weapons. Every video we produce is the highest level of quality made with industry-standard equipment and a professional mindset.

All of this is done with clockwork timing and our creative flair, because we are Bright.

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Our ability to provide for varied budgets means we can do something for everyone.






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