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Our quarterly video content plan that gives you access to more video 

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Maximise your schools potential and invest in a professional promotional video from Bright Production House. Impress parents, welcome visitors and show off your school because you're #proudofmyschool

Why Use Video?

Modern times have made video the number 1 essential resource for marketing and communications. For schools this means showing an unlimited potential of opportunity for future students and parents-of and also to inspire current students.

Video's are more entertaining, engaging and impressive than static photos or slideshows. 

Sure they can get the message across, but do they as well as a video can?

Our school promotional videos are designed to inspire, to represent your school as intended and to IMPRESS. 

We also film for events - thought of making a video to sell to parents or give those that couldn't attend their children's play? We'll film it and it's just like they were there!

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The Work We Do

We are a young company with youthful experience in contemporary filmmaking. Filming is our favourite form of art therefore every project is brimming with our passion. 

We're always developing our skills and looking for new ways to help promote your school. 

All projects are completely bespoke, tailored to  our clients desires. We don't just offer one kind of video, we have helped promote, inform and have recorded entire events for schools such as school plays, arts evenings and sports day. 

The work we have produced has included:


The videos that can encompass everything you need. School promotional videos, to subject-specific videos, alumni videos and headteacher speeches.


Promote, explain and enlighten about teacher training programmes with promotional videos, case study videos, and trainee experience videos. 


Capture performances to relive all over again with professionally produced performance videos. Available both as highlight videos and full performance videos.


Videos produced for school events including sports day, proms & dances, charity events, awards evenings, event days and guest speakers. 

Why Us?


Our videos are produced to the highest quality with industry-level equipment and care. A high quality video is more than just high quality equipment though; our passion, experience and understanding of videography means every video is crafted the best it can be. We evolve with the ever-changing landscape of technology to keep our videos current and looking their best whenever they’re made. 


We know what makes a good video as highly trained and experienced videographers and editors. We listen to every budget and work to try and produce something for everyone. We use top-line equipment and software and being a small team means we can be extremely competitive when it comes to price, without ever compromising on the quality of our videos. 


There is a lot that goes into producing a video. We understand what school life is like and the need to be flexible, so we cater for this both in planning and filming. As your school develops, so can your video. We keep all footage stored for up to 2 years, meaning if you want to make any changes to your video without an entire reshoot we can do this quickly and for a reduced cost. 


When it comes to delivering our service and our videos we thrive. As we work nationwide we can provide our services all over the country. Deadlines are no problem for us, as long as we are aware we’ll do everything in our power to accommodate them. For ease and to provide more flexibility we deliver all our videos digitally in every format you might need it in, so they’ll look their best wherever you show them. 

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Our promotional videos are made with you every step of the way with the goal to amaze people in a short space of time and give them a rich, inspiring experience. 

Our process is simple: we meet with you, discuss your goals for the video, decide on your preference of video-style (scripted or non), we come for as long as you want, we edit and provide as many different digital formats of your final video as you want.

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