We're Hannah & Tom

We're the creative minds behind our bespoke, professional and beautiful wedding videos. A smile is what caught each others eye and together ever since that smile has never faded. We met while studying film production in Southampton. We graduated together and decided to follow our passion and start up our own video production company - Bright Production House. Our love of filmmaking is shared with our love of telling stories and no story is better than a love story. We use film to bring couples a lifetime of joy with their engagements, elopements and weddings. Combining Tom's creative vision and technical expertise with Hannah's attention-to-detail and beautiful cinematography we deliver beautiful films for all our couples.

We're excited to make new friends, tell wonderful love stories and create beautiful videos together.



All About Us

I’m Hannah! 


It still feels surreal that I get to have a job that is also my passion. I’m a creative through to my core, videos, photography, painting, designing; I love it all! But I am in love with the fact that I get to call filming weddings my job, and even more so that I get to do it with the person I love, Tom! I love when we meet our couples, engaging with their ideas, listening to their stories and planning an amazing video for them. 


I started filmmaking in as something of an interest, which quickly through college and university turned into my future career goal. Here we are! Film is so insane. It allows us to capture moments and then relive that experience as many times as we like! People say a photo is worth 1,000 words…well video is hundreds, if not thousands of photos. That’s pretty incredible. 

A tiny bit about me: I love tea, baking, beings creative and a good old Netflix binge session. I use Pinterest and music to help me unwind and I love going out, experiencing new places and being refreshed by the world around me.

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I’m Tom


I’m a techie at heart and I love producing gorgeous shots for other people we work with. Filmmaking has always been a long-term goal of mine, and it’s insane that I get to do this for a career. Making wedding videos for wonderful people is such an honour and such fun to do! It’s a truly magical thing being able to film someone’s wedding for them to have forever more. Being able to produce them with Han too is another blessing in itself. 


I am so excited for the future of adventures, laughs, smiles and being creative (and what crazy things we’ll soon be able to do on film!). 


A bit about me: my favourite thing is putting smiles on other peoples faces, whether that be just catching up for a drink, creating a project together or spontaneous days out. Like Han I love a Netflix (or YouTube) binge, and going out experiencing new places!

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