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Making Video Marketing.Brighter.

Bright Production House

Our mission is to help our clients succeed. We harness the power of video to create professional, compelling videos that generate and convert website traffic into paying customers. We work with you to create a video that suits your business objectives and promotion campaigns. We empower brands to inspire and engage their audience.


We are not just producers and directors, but problem solvers, who work with an open mind to best understand the needs of our clients and provide solutions that will ultimately help them succeed.

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Fully customisable video content plans to suit any business.

Film Student

Video content is an ESSENTIAL tool for businesses, whether that be for your establishing your brand identity, your online presence, such as your website or social media, but also for in-person training, internal communications throughout  your business or the preservation and documentation of projects and events. 

But what's most important is EFFECTIVE video content - that's where we come in. With each project we assess your outcome goals, identify the key elements and requirements of each video and make sure you the best video to achieve them.

Video content
for everyone.

We pride ourselves by our ability to work with and create diverse video content with all kinds of brands, businesses and organisations. We understand the power of video and the effect it can have. When you invest in video you unleash the power of so much more. We don't just make 'videos', we create, solve, sell, promote, engage, explain things, capture memories and so much more. Video isn't just a marketing tool - it the THE marketing tool.

Amazing things happen when creativity, ambition and collaboration come together.
Don't like? don't pay.
Video is essential to every business and organisation so we understand it can be a big decision choosing your videography team. We believe in our videos and that's why if you don’t like and don’t use your video, you won’t have to pay for it. 
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