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cinematic wedding videography


There are so many creative ways and options out there of how your wedding can be filmed, it can be hard to pick what you'd like.

You've got an epic day planned and you want the best video possible to remember it. 


Describe here about cinematic videography style - nothing is filmed in real-time, filmed at a high-frame-rate meaning beautiful, dreamy shots, of every single thing. We don't stick camera's on tripods and pan left to right, we don't use wide lenses with no depth of field...

Cinematic videography works for both natural and documentary-style videos and for creative , fun video shoots, so whatever your preference cinematic videography can work for you.


Our aim for every wedding is to capture the day as authentically and beautifully as possible, while sticking with your preferred styles and putting in what is important too you, whether it's great-grandparents, the family pet or the groomsmen's superhero socks.

We take the time during our consultations to get to know you, the details of your day that are most important to you soo we can make you a video that truly represents you both.

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before the wedding

before your day we'll have a chat about 2 months before the day and then one one/two weeks before to make sure plans are still 100%.

you can also book a pre-wedding couple shoot for some camera experience and to get an understanding of how things will work on your wedding day. Having a whole bunch of camera's following you around all day isn't your every-day thing after all.

we'll also possibly come to your rehearsal so we can get an idea of where we can best position ourselves for your ceremony. 

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the wedding day

Of course each wedding has it's own day schedule and unique timings and off course there are add-on's which require different set-ups, but unless we otherwise agree we'll arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony when bridal prep is in full swing. Depending on timings and locations on the day we might be able to pay both partners during their prep. Occasionally we might arrive at your venue earlier to fill some b-roll or we might pay the other half a visit first to record vows and capture some footage of them. 

We aim to get to the ceremony at least 20-10 minutes before the start so we can capture some smiley guests waiting for your arrival. 

We'll be right up their with you during the ceremony to capture your 'I Do's' and then usually after we join the photographer for some portrait shots, either family photos or just the two of you. 

During the day we'll find the right time for other photo/video opportunities, depending on your preferences. 

If you've picked the add-on speeches in full we'll come pick a spot for the speakers to stand and find you as your finish your meal and mic those three speakers up ready for their speeches.

For the rest of the day we're very much in the background capturing the day; if you're into the more intrusive videography style we will mingle with your guests, get some cute and fun shots with them, if you prefer more natural, we'll capture shots from a wider distance so we're not drawing much attention .

If you have anything special planned you want to capture on the day like smoke bombs, sparklers or a binge-drinking sash...we'll be sure to capture that too. 

After the cake cutting and first dance we usually stick around for at least 1-2 hours after to get plenty of evening guests dancing, enjoying themselves and then once we are happy we have enough footage we'll leave you partying the night away.

the edit

after your big day we'll get to work editing your package video for you along with any add-on's you've picked. 

Our edit times vary depending on the season and also your package, but generally you can expect your video to be with you between 1-2 months after your wedding.

We'll often send you a teaser before sending out your USB package with your wedding video, any add-on videos and a social media edit, direct to your door.

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some tips to get the most out of your wedding video

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